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What is the Value of A Feasibility Study?
Jan 17, 2024  |  Uncategorized

In the midst of the ongoing social and political crisis and the considerable economic hurdles we face, the significance of our nonprofit endeavors has become exceptionally crucial. As the philanthropic sector wrestles with determining the way forward in this unique time, the Feasibility Study (or Planning Study) assumes an even more vital role. It offers … Read More »

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Trends that will impact charitable giving in 2024!
Jan 17, 2024  |  Uncategorized

As we gaze into the future, several anticipated trends will likely significantly impact charitable giving in 2024. Nonprofit CEOs must be aware of these trends and adequately prepare for them. Here are five notable trends to consider: Increasing Emphasis on Transparency and Accountability: There has been a growing demand for transparency and accountability within the … Read More »