Consulting Services

MGI combines close collaboration with our clients and our dedication to best practices to build internal fundraising capacity. The firm has the depth and breadth to provide strategic, analytical and technical expertise in all facets of philanthropic management, and in diverse organizational and world cultures.

Through our rigorous, evidence-based analytics expertise and highly experienced consultants, we help our clients achieve their immediate fundraising objectives while enabling them to elevate performance for long-term, sustainable growth.

Fundraising is a carefully orchestrated process that requires full cooperation between board, staff and volunteers to produce success. Our track record proves that MGI can meet even the most difficult challenges for organizations both small and large. We know how to build enthusiasm, cultivate support and motivate action. After all, we have raised hundreds of millions for annual, capital, endowment programs in the United States, Canada and around the World.

MGI’s philanthropic consulting team will work with you to identify the best approach to meet your immediate and long-term needs will designing winning strategies.

Comprehensive Services

MGI offers comprehensive services to nonprofit institutions and those who
support them. The times have changed for both the small and large fund-raising programs. Institutions now require a broader and more comprehensive range of consulting services to help implement more diverse and more specialized programs.

Fund-Raising Services

  • planning studies and analysis
  • management of capital and endowment campaigns
  • annual giving and stewardship programs
  • case development
  • award-winning communication, marketing and creative services
  • planned and deferred giving counsel
  • foundation and development office audits
  • volunteer training and board seminars
Feasibility/ Planning Studies

As the starting point for most major capital campaigns, the feasibility or planning study determines an institution's fund-raising potential. A study conserves client resources, especially organization time and money, while it also eliminates the possibility of failure that can result from a poorly planned and executed campaign. Under the direction of senior partners of the firm, a preliminary case statement is produced; selected key community leaders and potential donors are interviewed; the community's giving potential is assessed; and potential campaign leadership is identified. The findings, conclusions and recommendations are presented through both an oral report and a formal, written report.

Development Audit

The principle goal of the development audit is to evaluate your institutions commitment to and preparedness for an assertive, comprehensive philanthropic program. Working in conjunction with you, we analyze your institution's ability to carry out fund-raising efforts; examine the status of fund-raising efforts at your institution; review the organizational structure with specific reference to development; conduct an attitudinal survey among selected community leadership and volunteer leaders regarding your institution and development program; and make recommendations specific to your institution.

Communication Services

Consistent with our philosophy to bring our clients into alignment with fund raising best practices, MGI has developed a wide range of evidence-based communications service offerings. They are designed to strengthen your organization's unique institutional brand, to develop strategies that articulate your organization's unique and compelling attributes, and to transform your strategic priorities into pervasive advancement messaging.

MGI management consultants can provide:

  • Institutional Communications Strategy and Planning, including strategic communications plan development, often in the context of a capital campaign
  • Advancement communications reviews that can either be designated as a comprehensive assessment of resources and capabilities, or focused on your highest priorities such as campaign readiness, principal and major gifts, annual giving, events, or social networking.
  • Editorial services, including writing for the campaign prospectus, leadership case, public case, and collaterals, ensuring that they articulate key philanthropic messages aligned with campaign objectives.
Campaign Consulting Services

Successful campaign strategies are an intricate blend of interrelated opportunities, goals and tactics. Each strategy must be rooted in a clear vision of the client’s purpose and mission.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of fund-raising strategies is dependent on an awareness of, and ability to manage, this complex blend of dynamics. Each institution requires a carefully thought-out plan that is realistic in its timelines and adhered to strictly during the campaign.

Our experienced team provides hands-on, on-site support and professional consultation to the extent you desire. We believe the most cost effective and prudent use of your consulting dollars is to buy only the services you require to manage your project effectively. Our executive consultation plan allows you the flexibility to assign your own staff to the campaign team knowing that a highly skilled professional consultant will work with them day-to-day and ensure the campaign stays on track, on goal, and on time.

Research and Database Screening

MGI offers a comprehensive suite of data-driven solutions for identifying prospects and securing gifts. Since 1981, MGI has continually developed and refined its philanthropic analytic services to help institutions drive better fundraising performance through data analysis.

Building upon donor research, wealth screening, and predictive modeling utilizes demographic, socioeconomic and behavioral information from external resources, and historical data from your information systems to screen high-capacity prospects for motivational factors in giving. Through the use of a variety of proprietary tools we can create a donor set that has been screened for both capacity and propensity to give at major, planned, and annual gift levels.

Volunteer and Staff Development

As the need for private funding grows across the globe, the demand for knowledgeable and experienced volunteers and staff members is soaring. Skilled volunteer leadership is critical to successful fundraising initiatives. At the same time, the fundraising profession is establishing clear, quantifiable standards of performance and accountability. MGI provides a wide range of training and philanthropic management counsel to meet the needs of your key fundraising constituents in all aspects of philanthropic management.